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Equilibrium in blue 2009
Chalk pastel on paper board | size 73cm x 44cm
Primordial Soup 2007
Chalk pastel and mixed media on BK Rives Moulin de Gue paper | size 121cm x 81cm
Canal I 2008
Chalk pastel on Canford board | size 70cm x 35cm
The Perpetual Race To The End of Linear Time 2008
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas | size 2m x 2m x 2.5cm
Standing Stilts 2007
Acrylic and chalk pastel on canvas | size 1.2m x 1.4m x 8cm
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"Our planet is a living system. Mankind, in our interplay with every other life-form on earth is linked up with this system. Neither global nor individual human problems can be solved without respecting this connection."

Network for Ecological Education and Practice, Denmark